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Areas of the professional master's program Digital Laser Technologies, Fiber Optic Networks include:

  • research, development, preparation, organization of production and operation of devices, systems and adaptation of technologies for various purposes, based on the use of laser radiation;
  • element base of laser technology (optical, optoelectronic and laser technology; optical and laser production technology) and control of optical, optoelectronic elements, devices, and systems, materials for their creation.

In a narrower professional direction, the goal of the Master's program "Digital Laser Technologies, Fiber Optic Networks":

  • training of specialists ready for project activities in the development and design of laser devices, systems, and complexes, including using software and computer technologies, as well as for setting and analyzing innovative engineering problems, developing innovative projects;
  • training of specialists ready for production and technological activities in the use of laser devices, systems, and complexes; production of optical elements, materials, devices, and systems for laser technology; application of laser technologies for various purposes with the fulfillment of environmental protection requirements and safety rules for production and operation;
  • training of specialists ready for research activities in the field of laser technology and laser technologies, including those related to the formulation and solution of engineering problems, the choice of the necessary research methods, the setting of a scientific experiment, proceeding from the tasks of specific research and based on the application of existing knowledge in an interdisciplinary context.