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Miscalculations in foreign policy, short-sighted behavior of a state can ruin its reputation in the international arena, which is fraught with serious political and economic consequences. Therefore, the work of specialists who are guided in the problems of international politics, who can propose and implement effective mechanisms of cooperation and mutual understanding, is important.
The training focused on mastering the methods of negotiating (including in the formats of one and a half and second paths of diplomacy) and promoting initiatives in the field of international relations and foreign politics, establishing contacts with foreign partners, expanding the range of knowledge in the field of foreign languages, humanitarian and general education disciplines.
Studying on this profile, you will be able to master the methods of negotiation, learn how to promote your ideas, establish contacts with foreign partners, expand the range of knowledge in the field of culture, foreign languages, and world politics.
The program is implemented in English; the target audience of this program are citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign countries who speak English at the proper level.