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State and municipal administration are one of the modern, dynamically developing, popular and promising areas for training bachelors, since the training of highly qualified personnel for state and municipal authorities, as well as state and municipal institutions, is recognized as a priority task for the development of civil society and the modernization of Russia.

Bachelors in public and municipal management are specialists with an analytical mindset and the ability to predict socio-economic processes, who are able to think logically and, most importantly, who have a desire to govern for the benefit of society.

The relevance of this direction lies in training bachelors in organizational, managerial, and project skills, along with ensuring the assimilation of the socio-political and regulatory context of the relationship between the state and civil society.

The advantage of this educational program is the system of training managers with modern knowledge in the field of state and municipal management, law, socio-economic policy, forecasting and design, personnel technologies.