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The social significance of the educational program lies in the training of specialists in the field of intercultural and interstate interaction of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The implementation of the educational and educational goals of the program is carried out taking into account the regional specifics (the study of the countries of Northeast Asia) and the needs of the local labor market and is aimed at the formation of a graduate capable of conducting professional activities in all areas of interaction with the countries and peoples of Pacific Asia, as well as aimed at active social and professional activities and continuing education.

The specifics of professional activity - an orientalist-japanize with knowledge of oriental (Japanese) and English languages ​​are able to analyze key problems in the history, culture, and politics of Japan, generalize the experience of solving the most significant issues of interaction between the countries of Northeast Asia.

The graduates develop the ability to use an understanding of the laws of the historical development of the Afro-Asian world and its place in the world-historical arena; general and special in the development of regions of the Afro-Asian world; the specifics of the development of large regions (civilizations) of the Afro-Asian world at different stages of historical development.