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The implementation of the educational and upbringing goals of the educational program is carried out taking into account the regional specifics (the study of East Asian countries) and the needs of the local labor market and is aimed at the formation of a graduate capable of conducting professional activities in all areas of interaction with the countries and peoples of Pacific Asia, as well as aimed at active social and professional activities and continuing education.

Special tasks of the program:

  • preparation of bachelors with a priority study of the Chinese language, who have comprehensive knowledge of the socio-economic development of East Asian countries to work as managers, analysts in the field of info-communication technologies, international municipal and other management networks;
  • training linguists with the priority study of the Chinese language for work in enterprises, for translation activities, provision of information and communication activities;
  • training of personnel in the field of the Chinese language and language services, capable of carrying out research, editing, translation, organizational, and management activities.

The specificity of this program is a comprehensive study of the regional specifics of East Asia, taking into account the general trends and particular characteristics of each of the countries of the region, as well as in the training of specialists in the field of intercultural and interstate interaction of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.