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Specialization: Economy of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation countries

Graduates of this field have the following qualifications:
Mastering the program will allow you to obtain fundamental economic knowledge, possessing which the graduate will be in demand in the government bodies responsible for establishing trade and economic cooperation with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, at enterprises and organizations focused on interaction with partners of the region's states.

The program aims to train economists in international economic relations. Competencies acquired in the process of training are necessary in practical work for those who count on getting prestigious jobs in the diplomatic corps, Russian companies operating abroad and foreign companies operating in Russia. The program includes a full range of economic disciplines that form the competencies necessary in practical and research-analytical work. The uniqueness of the program lies in the possibility of studying, in addition to the economy of two foreign languages, which expands the competitive advantages of a graduate who has been trained under this program. The competitive advantage of the program is the possibility of practical training in government bodies and organizations responsible for the development of economic cooperation with APEC countries.