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Entry requirements:
  •  Master’s degree / equivalent in a related field
  •  B2 level of English
  •  Good track record of publications related to the topic of the intended research
  •  Strong research proposal 1,500 - 3,500 words
Research supervisor:
Maxim Gonchar

Supervisor’s research interests:

Neutrino oscillations, oscillation parameter measurement, reactor electron antineutrino, Daya Bay and JUNO experiments, detector simulation and reconstruction, statistical data analysis, high performance fitting.

Research highlights:
  •  Cutting edge neutrino science, unique experiment.
  •  Large international collaboration.
  •  Data taking starts in 2022.
  •  Extra financial support from JINR.
Supervisor’s specific requirements:

Basic knowledge:
  •  Physics of Elementary Particles.
  •  Statistical data analysis.

Advanced programming skills, including knowledge
  •  Linux, shell.
  •  C++: stdlib, ROOT.
  •  Python: scipy/numpy, matplotlib, jupyter,...
  •  Geant4 (desirable).

Main publications:
  •  “Neutrino Physics with JUNO”, F.P.An et al, arXiv: 1507.05613 [physics.ins-det].
  •  “Study of the wave packet treatment of neutrino oscillation at Daya Bay”, F.P.An et al., arXiv: 1608.01661 [hep-ex].
  •  “Measurement of electron antineutrino oscillation based on 1230 days of operation of the Daya Bay experiment”, F.P.An et al., arXiv:1610.04802 [hep-ex]
  •  “GNA: new framework for statistical data analysis”, A.Fatkina et al., arXiv: 1903.05567 [cs.MS].