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Entry requirements:
  •  Master’s degree / equivalent in a related field
  •  B2 level of English
  •  Good track record of publications related to the topic of the intended research
  •  Strong research proposal 1,500 - 3,500 words

Research supervisor:
Boris Zelener
PhD, DSc

Supervisor’s research interests:
Quantum optics, lasers cooling, magneto-optical trap, non-lineal coherent effects, strongly coupled plasma, Rydberg atoms, atomic physics, laser physics, fieldand matter interaction physics, numerical simulations of physical processes, method Monte-Carlo and molecular dynamics.
Research highlights: The investigation will use unique equipment that meets the best international standards in ultracold atoms experiments. The laboratory actively interacts with foreign scientists and research centers, including Princeton University. Laboratory graduate students receive a scholarship.

Supervisor’s specific requirements:
The applicant must know quantum physics, quantum optics, laser physics, plasma physics, higher mathematics and programming.

Main publications:
  •  Bobrov A. A., Physics of Plasmas, 27(1), 010701. (2020).
  •  Bobrov A. A., Physics of Plasmas, 26(8), 082102. (2019).
  •  Zelener, B. B., JETP Letters, 110(12), 761-765. (2019).
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