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Research supervisor: 
Pavel Balaban
PhD, DSc, Corr. member of RAS

Supervisor’s research interests:
Neurobiological investigation of learning and memory with the aim to understand molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of neuronal functioning. Synaptic plasticity mechanisms, optogenetics, thermogenetics and chemogenetics as innovative instruments for neurobiological research. Maintenance and modification of the long-term memory, invertebrate models for neurophysiological research. 

Research highlights:
Unique complex of behavioral, electrophysiological and molecular biological approaches in one lab. Biological subjects from cultured cells, invertebrate animals, mammals. Optical recording of electrical and molecular events in one cell or in a network, including in vivo optical recording of 30-40 neurons in free behaving animals. 

Supervisor’s specific requirements:
  •  Devotion to Science.
  •  Good English.
  •  Knowledge of Biophysics.
  •  Knowledge of Matlab programming.

Main publications:
  •  Xu C, Li Q, Efimova O, Jiang X, Petrova M, K Vinarskaya A, et al. Identification of Immediate Early Genes in the Nervous System of Snail Helix lucorum. ENeuro 2019;6(3).
  •  Romanova DY, Smirnov IV, Nikitin MA, Kohn AB, Borman AI, Malyshev AY, Balaban PM, Moroz LL. Sodium action potentials in placozoa: Insights into behavioral integration and evolution of nerveless animals.  Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2020;19:S0006-291X(20)31565-5.
  •  Balaban PM. Molecular Mechanism of Memory Modification. Neurosci Behav Physi 2018;48:734-40.
  •  Ermakova YG, Lanin AA, Fedotov IV, Roshchin M, Kelmanson IV, Kulik D, et al. Thermogenetic neurostimulation with single-cell resolution. Nat Commun 2017;22(8):15362.
  •  Borodinova AA, Kuznetsova MA, Alekseeva VS, Balaban PM. Histone acetylation determines transcription of atypical protein kinases in rat neurons. Scientific Reports 2019;9:4332.
  •  Roshchin MV, Matlashov ME, Ierusalimsky VN, Balaban PM, Belousov VV, et al. A BK channelmediated feedback pathway links single-synapse activity with action potential sharpening in repetitive firing. Sci Adv 2018;4(7):eaat1357.