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Entry requirements:
  •  Master’s degree / equivalent in a related field
  •  B2 level of English
  •  Good track record of publications related to the topic of the intended research
  •  Strong research proposal 1,500 - 3,500 words

Research supervisor:
Alexander Gasnikov
PhD, DSc

Supervisor’s research interests:
  •  Stochastic optimization.
  •  Accelerated algorithms.
  •  Superposition of algorithms.
  •  Mathematical modeling of traffic flows (traffic assignment problems).

Supervisor’s specific requirements:
  •  Mathematical analysis.
  •  Linear algebra.
  •  Probability theory.
  •  Computes Science.
  •  Python.
Main publications:
  •  A. Gasnikov, P. Dvurechensky, E. Gorbunov, E. Vorontsova, Daniil Selikhanovych and Cesar A. Uribe Optimal Tensor Methods in Smooth Convex and Uniformly Convex Optimization. Conference on Learning Theory. P. 1374–1391, 2019.
  •  A. Kroshnin, D. Dvinskikh, P. Dvurechensky, A. Gasnikov, N. Tupitsa and C.A. Uribe. On the Complexity of Approximating Wasserstein Barycenter. Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR 97:3530- 3540, 2019.
  •  Nesterov, Y., Gasnikov, A., Guminov, S., & Dvurechensky, P. (2020). Primal–dual accelerated gradient methods with small-dimensional relaxation oracle // Optimization Methods and Software, 1-38.