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This educational program is aimed at specialized linguistic training of foreign students in the Russian language.

Learning process is designed to form a system of knowledge of the Russian language among students in the aspect of teaching foreign audience.
The structure of the program comprises a wide range of both theoretical disciplines and disciplines of a practical orientation, providing a comprehensive study of the modern Russian language.

Students get acquainted with peculiarities of Russian phonetics, word formation, morphology, syntax, stylistics, study history of the Russian language, text editing, creative writing, analysis of literary text, and learn classical and modern literature.

During the period of study, great importance is given to the methodological aspect, aimed at developing students' skills in teaching foreigners different aspects of the Russian language, oral and written speech, linguistic and regional studies.

Lectures and seminars are conducted by highly qualified teachers of Kazan Federal University, specializing in the language training of international students.

Students do not only get familiar with the Russian language but also with historical, national and cultural peculiarities of Russia. For that excursions, visits to museums, exhibitions and sights of Kazan, Tatarstan and other regions of Russia are regularly organized for international students

A graduate is expected to acquire general cultural, general professional and professional competences.

Graduates have great employment opportunities: they can work as a teacher in secondary educational institutions, an interpreter in government and commercial organizations, a specialist in linguistic and socio-cultural problems in education, international trade and tourism, etc.