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SAS’s BA program offers the most international undergraduate education in Russia. It proceeds fr om a liberal arts and sciences philosophy. Accordingly, in addition to providing specialized majors, our program is designed to mobilize interdisciplinary breadth, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills.

What is Information Technology at SAS?

Since all repeatable, routine processes (including programming) are being automated, so professionals are capable of looking at the system as a whole – systems analysts – are becoming ever more important. SAS major in Information Technology and Digital Society focuses on educating people with can analyze complex systems in various subject domains and find IT-solutions for problems that emerge in them.

Liberal Arts and Sciences educational model at SAS, wh ere 1st and 2nd year students develop a systematic worldview through the core curriculum and can delve deeper in the subject domains that interest them most by choosing appropriate electives, allows IT majors to effectively connect this knowledge with IT-competencies in their 3rd and 4th year.