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The area of professional activity

- economic, financial and analytical services of organizations of different sectors and forms of ownership;

- the bodies of state and municipal service,

- academic and research organizations;

and educational organization of higher education, additional professional education, professional educational organization

The most important professional competence areas

- the ability to conduct independent research in accordance with the developed program (PC-3);

- ability to present the research results to the scientific community in the form of an article or report (PC-4);

- ability to prepare analytical materials for evaluation activities in the area of economic policy and strategic decision-making at the micro level (PC-8);

- the ability to analyze and use various sources of information for economic calculations (PC-9);

- the ability to predict the major socio-economic indicators enterprises, branches, regions and the economy as a whole (PC-10);

- ability to manage economic services and departments of enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms, bodies of state and municipal authorities (PC-11);

- ability to develop options for management decisions and justify their choices based on the criteria of socio-economic efficiency (PC-12);

Employment options of post-graduate students

- economic, accounting and analytical services of enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms;
- consulting and audit organizations