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The area of professional activity

- organizations of any organizational-legal form, in various industries fields as heads or Deputy heads of marketing, sales and branding, as well as in the different services of management apparatus;

- the bodies of state and municipal management;

- structures in which post-graduates are entrepreneurs, creating and developing their own business;

- research organizations related to the solution of management problems;

- institutions of higher and additional professional education.

The most important professional competence areas

Organizational and management activities:

·         ability to manage organizations, divisions, groups (teams) of employees, projects and networks (PC-1);

·         ability to develop corporate strategy, organisational development and change and ensure their implementation (PC-2);

·         ability to use modern methods of corporate Finance for strategic decision tasks (PC-3);


·         ability to use quantitative and qualitative methods for applied research and management of business processes, prepare analytical materials on the results of their application (PC-4);

·         the mastery of methods of economic and strategic analysis of behavior of economic agents and markets in a global environment (PC-5);

·         ability to use modern methods of corporate Finance for strategic decision tasks (PC-6);

Research activities:

·         ability to summarize and critically evaluate the results of research of actual problems of management, produced by Russian and foreign researchers (PC-7);

·         the ability to present the results of the study in the form of scientific report, article or report (PC-8);

·         ability to justify the relevance, theoretical and practical significance of the chosen topic of research (PC-9);

·         ability to conduct independent research in accordance with the developed program (PC-10);

ability to develop curricula and methodological support of management disciplines, and to apply modern methods and techniques in the process of their teaching (PC-11).

Employment options of post-graduates

In organizations of various forms of property, whether commercial, state, municipal;

As performers or managers at various levels in the service management apparatus;

In state and municipal management;

Entrepreneurs, creating and developing their own business;

In the analytical groups and departments of banks and various commercial organizations;

In the departments and the services associated with business Economics and territorial entities;

In commercial structures of companies and holdings;

 In project teams and groups, providing funding for projects;

In companies, funds, business incubators and parks, providing advice and "got up" how innovative companies and organizations who are in difficult financial situation