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Purpose of the educational program

Master's program "Historical urban studies", aimed at studying and practical application of the theory and history of the city and the urban environment.

Why choose this program?

Students have the opportunity: to get theoretical ideas about the specifics of urban space; to study the historical experience of the formation of the urban environment on the example of Russia and its regions; to form their own ideas about the" ideal city " and the ways and methods of its construction; to correlate these ideas with the existing reality and to fit the program of urban transformation into the existing urban cultural and historical landscape as harmoniously as possible.


Most of the teachers have research and teaching experience in leading universities in the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Japan.

The content of the educational program is developed by leading domestic experts in the field of urban studies and cultural studies.

The program "Historical urbanism" fully corresponds to the modern trend of science – the convergence and interaction of various branches of knowledge.

The master's program" historical urbanism " is the only program of This profile in the Volga region.

Our Institute cooperates with more than 20 leading universities in the world, where it is possible to pass an internship during the training period.