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The aim of the educational program   

Comprehensive training of a master of the teacher education acquiring innovative technologies in the field of theory and methodology of teaching English in secondary and higher schools.

Why should you choose this programme?

The need for competitive, creative, and competent graduates in the field of pedagogical science and practice who are capable of effective professional self-development, confirms the significance and relevance of this program. The program is focused on modern needs and innovations in education which is provided by a flexible system of basic and variable disciplines, joint research work of masters and scientific supervisors.

Description of the educational process

The first year program comprises the following basic subjects:

* Modern problems and innovations in education

* Methodology and methods of scientific research

* Theoretical and methodological foundations of pedagogical design

* Teaching activities in an interactive educational environment etc.

During the second year of education the specific disciplines are added:

* A workshop on improving speech skills in English

* Methods and technologies of teaching foreign languages and innovations in this field

* Monitoring the results of preparation for the international Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

* Statistical methods in pedagogical research

* Technologies of subject-language integrated learning, etc.

The following methods are widely used in the study of disciplines:

* Interactive: analysis of problem situations, project method, discussion, etc.

• Traditional: explanatory-illustrative, reproductive, partially-search, research, etc.

Practitioners, doctors of science, teachers who speak foreign languages/native speakers teach at the Institute/faculty.

It is mandatory for everyone at the end of the study to write research term papers and final qualification papers.

Skills that students receive after completing the educational program

A graduate who has completed the master's program is ready: 1) to communicate orally and in written form in the Russian and foreign languages to solve professional tasks; 2) to demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the chosen specific field; 3) to form the educational environment and use professional knowledge and skills in implementing the tasks of innovative educational policy; 4) to design the content of academic disciplines, technologies and specific teaching methods.

Areas of professional activities graduates can contribute to

Graduates of Kazan Federal University who have studied for a master's degree in the master's program "Teaching English in secondary and higher schools" can work in institutions of secondary and higher professional education, as well as in organizational and managerial structures (employee of the education Department, head of state and non-state educational institutions, etc.), employee of the education Department, tutor, methodologist, etc.