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This educational program is aimed at in-depth study of the theoretical problems of the Russian language and the specific features of its functioning;

- study of oral and written communication;

- study of the problems of intercultural communication,

- mastering modern educational technologies in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language;

- preparation for qualified analysis, commenting and generalization of scientific research results using modern techniques and methodologies of advanced home and foreign experience;

- development of projects in the field of intercultural communication, interethnic speech communication, speech etiquette in a multicultural environment.

The master's program prepares students for the implementation of both research activities (independent scientific research in various fields of linguistics, Russian studies and methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language), and the applied and pedagogical activities of a teacher of Russian as a foreign language (development of teaching materials, conducting practical classes in philological disciplines in a foreign audience, etc.).
The master's program has not only state, but also public accreditation, as well as international validation of the German accreditation agency Evalag. Kazan University has been awarded 5 stars (the highest mark) in the register of accredited master's programs in Russian as a foreign language.

Students will get acquainted with the basics of the organization and functioning of the Russian language system, with the peculiarities of teaching Russian as a foreign language, and the key issues of intercultural communication.

The structure of the program consists of the following units or blocks:

- practical courses of Russian as a foreign language;

- Russian studies;

- literary studies and culture;

- educational technologies.

Lectures and practical classes are taught by doctors and candidates of sciences from Kazan Federal University who have completed internships in leading universities in Europe and Asia.

Master's students take part in the scientific, educational, cultural and educational events of KFU: in the international scientific and practical conference "Culture and Science: A New Perspective", the Olympiad in the Russian language among foreign students in Kazan, the scientific and educational festival dedicated to the Day of the Russian Language and etc.

A graduate is expected to gain general cultural, general professional and professional competences.

Graduates of the master's program can work in various educational institutions, linguistic centers, travel agencies, media, as well as carry out cultural and educational projects on the basis of centers of foreign culture.
Graduated students also have an opportunity to continue education in postgraduate studies on the program “Theory and methods of teaching and education (Russian as a foreign language)”.