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The purpose of the educational program

Comprehensive and high-quality training of qualified competitive specialists in the field of applied linguistics

Why is it worth choosing this program?

Master's students can specialize in different modern areas of applied linguistics:

• clinical linguistics and neurolinguistics

• psycholinguistics

• linguistic expertise of the text

• digital linguistics

• lexicography

• computational and mathematical linguistics

• gender linguistics

• linguistic local history

• translation studies

• political linguistics

• sociolinguistics

• terminology

• corpus linguistics

• experimental linguistics

Having received the necessary and modern specialty, the graduates of the program easily find interesting jobs in various fields.

Description of the educational process

Disciplines within the Master's program are taught by practicing specialists; doctors and candidates of philology.

Our students take part in various scientific projects in the field of applied linguistics, implemented by the scientists of Kazan University in the framework of international, federal and republican programs, joint projects with universities (Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, etc.), scientific institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as foreign countries (Italy, Germany , Israel). This is the creation of batteries of diagnostic tests for children and adults, coprora of various languages, websites, etc.

Research work begins in the first year, as a result the master students defend their master's theses.

Skills that students will acquire after completing an educational program

A graduate of the Master’s program "Applied Linguistics" is ready to: 1) create applied products that require the participation of linguists; 2) compete in the international labor market; 3) work professionally with dictionaries and corpora of different languages ​​and take part in their creation; 4) participate in speech rehabilitation; 5) apply mathematical methods in solving applied problems.

Undergraduates make reports at scientific conferences of various levels (including international), publish materials of their scientific research in journals and collections,participate in Russian and international grant projects.

Areas of professional activity where graduates have advantages

Areas of professional activity where our graduates have competitive advantages: language teaching, mass media (television, newspapers, radio, Internet publications), speech rehabilitation, press services, centers of linguistic expertise, advertising agencies and PR agencies, government and commercial organizations, language departments and faculties, schools... Most of the graduates of the program continue their studies as PhD sudents and later work in universities and research institutes.