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Specializations within this programme

  • Main Courses

    - Theory and practice of public international law;

    - EU and EAEU law: legislation and jurisprudence;

    - Global and regional systems of human rights protection;

    - Modern Problems of Private International Law;

    - Economic Law of the EU and EAEU;

    - Current Problems of Constitutional Law of the European Union;

    - International Criminal Law and Legal Aid in Criminal Matters;

    - International Justice;

    - Private International Maritime Law.

  • Practical training and career opportunities
    Practitioner teachers will share their work experience and share all the secrets of the profession. Students undertake internships in government bodies and courts of the Kaliningrad region, studying topical issues of international law, as well as in international public authorities and justice bodies of the EU and the EAEU. Participation in professional competitions will allow you to plan your professional development and find useful contacts for career growth.
    Graduates in this field carry out law-making, law enforcement and expert-consulting activities in the system of public authorities, as well as conduct interdisciplinary scientific and applied research in the organisation and activities of public authorities and can realize themselves both in commercial activities and in public service at the interface of Russian national law, international law and integration law of EAEC and EU or work as a visiting expert.
  • Professions
    -  Lawyer
    - Attorney at Law
    - Auditor
    - Political leader
    - Analyst
    - Lawyer/expert in international organisations
    - Judicial officer