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About the Programme

This programme is interdisciplinary and is aimed at training highly qualified specialists capable of carrying out professional activities in the field of legal support of the digital economy. Graduates of this program will be able to work in IT and intellectual property law.


Employment Opportunities

●       IT companies

●       Judicial authorities

●       Legal consulting firms

●       Legal departments of organizations carrying out economic activities in the information environment



Within the framework of this program, the following disciplines will be studied:



Methods of teaching law in education institutions

Basics of IT project management

Current issues in information law

Current intellectual property rights issues in the context of digitalization

Financial systems in the modern digital economy

Intellectual property protection in international and European law


Investigation and crime prevention in the field of digital information


Legal framework for employment in the digital economy


Elective Subjects:

Legal framework for information security / State control in the digital economy

Legal regulation of E-Commerce / Contractual regulation of property relations in the conditions of digitalization

Personal data protection / Consumer protection in the digital environment

Legal framework of identification and individualization of subjects and objects in the digital economy / Legal framework of innovative and technological entrepreneurship

International information law / Telecommunications law