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The purpose of the educational program is to acquire the level of competencies necessary for the implementation of professional activities and preparation for the defense of a scientific and qualifying work (dissertation) for the degree of candidate of sciences.

The geographer must be trained to meet the following challenges:

 Conducting comprehensive studies of regional, national and global geographical problems and developing recommendations for their solution;

 Studying the patterns of formation and development of socio-economic systems;

 Assessment of economic / recreational potential and possibilities of its use;

 Revealing and diagnostics of systems of interaction between society and nature;

 Revealing and diagnostics of problems of functioning of socio-economic systems;

 Conducting geographic assessments of small areas, regions, countries and the world as a whole.

The area of ​​professional activity of graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program includes solving problems requiring the application of fundamental and applied knowledge in the field of Earth Sciences.

The objects of professional activity of graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program are: natural-economic, anthropogenic, industrial, recreational, social, territorial systems and structures at the global, national, regional, local levels, their research, monitoring of the state and development forecasts; as well as nature management; geographic information systems; territorial planning, design and forecasting; education and enlightenment of the population.

The types of professional activities for which graduates who have mastered the postgraduate program are preparing:

- research activities in the field of earth sciences;

- teaching activity in educational programs of higher education.

The postgraduate program is aimed at mastering all types of professional activities for which the graduate is preparing.

The Department of Geography and Sustainable Development of Geosystems is a subdivision in the Far East that trains highly qualified geographers in the direction of training 05.06.01. Geosciences, educational program "economic, social, political and recreational geography", possessing knowledge and ability to conduct research in socio-economic, political and recreational systems.

Training of specialists is carried out, first of all, taking into account the uniqueness of the geographical position of the Far East, the emerging geopolitical situation in the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) and the resulting need for specialists.

The preparation of graduate students and the choice of disciplines of the variable part (Theory and methodology of recreational geography, Economic, social, political and recreational geography, Territorial organization of the economy of the APR countries, Political geography and geopolitics) are conditioned by the fact that the graduate has the necessary knowledge, can conduct scientific research that gives the opportunity to identify the main patterns of development of socio-economic systems, which is of great practical importance for the further economic development of the regions of the Far East and the country as a whole, including in solving environmental issues. The choice of disciplines of the variable part is sufficient for the formation of general professional and professional competencies of a graduate, taking into account modern requirements for scientific and qualification works and requests of employers.

Graduates of this direction are in demand and have employment opportunities in academic and industrial research institutes, higher educational institutions, design and survey, industrial, public and other organizations.