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The goal of the major professional  educational program is to develop the competences in  the following research activities: supply and demand; market structure and development; market positioning of products and companies; competitiveness and competition; marketing concepts; methods and forms of marketing activity management in the organization under the current conditions  of the Russian economy development and markets globalization, as well as competences in developing marketing solutions.

The comprehensive nature of the theoretical and practical skills acquired in the field of marketing activity management ensures the  demand  for specialists  of this specialty on the current labour market,  and opens wide opportunities for the career growth not only in the marketing and sales entities of the Russian and foreign companies, but also in the departments of the strategic  development, as well as in the consulting and research organizations.

 Graduates of this postgraduate program have the prospects for employment in the state and local government bodies; research institutions; educational institutions; enterprises of all sectors of the national economy of various organizational and legal forms; project and investment organizations and other entities.

Scientific supervisors are:  Irina M. Romanova - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor;

Elena V. Noskova - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor;

Elena B. Kmet- Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.