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The content of the educational program "Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics" is focused on the development of competencies related to the definition of the theoretical and methodological provisions to analyze the economic processes and systems based on the application  of economic and mathematical methods and tools.

The educational program stipulates to form and develop the competencies for developing and applying  the mathematical tool  of economic investigations, methods of its application and integration into the instrumental means  to increase the validity of managerial decisions at all levels of the economy, as well as to improve the information technologies for solving the economic objectives.

Graduates of the educational program acquire competencies necessary for analyzing and predicting real economic processes, for developing and applying economic and mathematical models and experimental computer complexes to investigate socio-economic processes and systems..

The types of the professional activities that the graduates, who have mastered the postgraduate program, are prepared for are the following: research activities in the field of Economics; teaching activities. Graduates can work both in the real sector of the economy in the organizations of any organizational and legal forms, and in the scientific and educational institutions.

To successfully master the educational program, students must have the preliminary formed competencies of sustainable mastery of the mathematical tools and information technologies.