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The education program aims at forming abilities and competences needed for professional activity in higher education and preparing dissertation for candidate of science degree in history.

    In order to reach the above mentioned aim the education program solves the following tasks:

-gives post-graduates an opportunity to present results of their studies at international and national scientific conferences;

- helps post-graduates to become proficient in different genres of scientific texts;

- gives opportunity to compete for individual and collective scientific grants;

- helps to acquire teaching skills in higher education institutions.

Spheres of professional activities:

institutions of higher education, specialized scientific laboratories;

museums, archives;

 public and state analytic centers.

Objects of professional activities:

historical process and events in foreign countries in modern and contemporary history, their reflection in historical sources.

Types of professional activities:

Researching activities in the realm of universal history of modern and contemporary periods, and in the adjacent humanities;

Teaching history in higher education institutions.

     Specific features of the education program “Universal history (modern and contemporary history)” are connected with the work with historical sources in foreign languages. Thus, a post-graduate ought to have command the language of an investigated country, knowledge of specific characteristics of it’s archival and published sources. Disciplines of the variable part of the program ought to solve double task. Firstly, to form professional competencies which will allow the students to fulfil independent researches using modern methods and interdisciplinary approaches. Secondly, the program prepares post-graduates for researching modern and contemporary history of the Pacific region countries, which reflects reginal specialization of the Far Eastern Federal University.