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This online master's programme enables students to gain practical experience in solving machine learning problems and enhance their skills in developing data-intensive systems. The programme is taught in Russian.

The amount of accumulated data today opens the door for rigorous analysis and the development of predictive models that can be used for economic benefit. Students of the Master’s programme in Machine Learning and High-load Systems gain a deep understanding of how to collect, store, and process data in addition to learning how to construct predictive models and assess their quality.

Many courses focus on distributed systems and methods of rapidly processing large amounts of information. Distributed systems allow for the efficient use of processing power by parallelizing and distributing a computation load onto multiple independent processors; they also perform calculations on clusters using data processing algorithms.

Students of the programme learn about the construction of high-load and fail-safe services, which enables them to work in all stages of development processes once they graduate. 

  The programme’s curriculum is practice-oriented, so that graduates are able to manage all stages of model development: from identifying a data analysis problem to collecting and processing data, from teaching the algorithm and evaluating its quality to putting the model into use.