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Description of the program:

The aim of the supplementary education programme "Preparation of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons for Mastering Professional Educational Programmes in Russian Language in Technical Universities" is to prepare foreign citizens for the learning process, in accordance with the chosen discipline, including learning the Russian language up to certification level B1 and bringing students' knowledge of the major subjects to Russian standards.

The programme is open to foreign citizens and stateless persons who have received or are receiving education in their home country and wish to study the Russian language and subjects in Russian remotely in order to enrol in technical universities in the Russian Federation.

Form of study - extramural, e-learning and distance learning technologies.

Teaching mode – a minimum of 24 contact hours per week.

Multimedia technology is used in practical classes: electronic textbooks (depending on the learners' native language), multimedia presentations, learning platforms, use of Internet information resources.

Independent work of students is carried out using the Moodle distance learning system ( which provides access to various sources of multimedia information, organizes communication of all participants in the learning process, and ensures interactive control and self-monitoring of tasks and testing. To develop language skills, the Moodle platform hosts a set of interactive exercises based on the built-in Moodle test module.

Upon successful completion of this basic programme, students receive a MFTI-established certificate of training which enables them to be admitted to any higher education institution in the Russian Federation in the relevant field of study.

What qualifications are awarded:

The students will develop communicative competence, which includes language, speech, socio-cultural and subject-specific components, necessary and sufficient for studying at higher education technical institutions of the Russian Federation.

When to apply: From 1 March till 1 October.

What exams do you need to take: No exams required.

What documents do you need to present:

  • Approved application form;

  • Copies of passport and documents

  • A copy a foreign education document and its supplement.

Specialists in the Preparatory Department for Foreign Nationals: Egor Gavrish и Larisa Maltyz

Telephone: +7 (498) 713-91-80