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Lobachevsky University is launching a new project for international students "PREUNI online": teaching Russian as a foreign language and general education disciplines in a distant format. You can complete a pre-university training program without leaving your home before coming to Russia anywhere in the world.

The main feature of this intensive educational program is the organization of daily synchronous classes, when students from any country in the world, are learning with a teacher "live" in real time. In other words, students are in a virtual classroom in an absolutely real lesson, which certainly makes the educational process as effective as possible. Synchronous classes are complemented by students’ independent work with interactive teaching materials in the UNN e-learning system.

You will come to Russia already in possession with the Russian language, which will make your stay and study in Russia much more comfortable!


 1. For each student of the program, an individual educational trajectory can be designed, taking into account their needs (starting level of proficiency in Russian as a foreign language, beginning / ending dates of training, etc.).

2. The program provides for various forms of work with the teacher: synchronous classes in the format of videoconferences, and individual consultations with teachers. 

3. Each student is given the opportunity to practice speaking with a native Russian speaker online. 

4. During the entire program, each student is consulted by a tutor who solves technical and organizational issues. 

5. The basic program consists of 7 modules:

• 3 modules of Russian as a foreign language (from zero level to B1)

• 3 modules in general education subjects (chosen from 8 modules depending on the focus of the program: humanitarian, economic, biomedical, engineering / technological, natural science)

• Module of professional Russian in the chosen specialty.

6. After completing each module, there are exams, after successful completion of which the student receives a certificate of the established form.

7. All distant educational materials are interactive, students immediately see their results thanks to the possibility of automatic self-testing.

8. The program provides training in groups of up to 15 people.