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The Program offered by the Departments of Philosophy and Law of Novosibirsk State University is designed for students wishing to pursue graduate study in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, literature and art. The program offers a wide range of courses in the history of ancient philosophy, the philosophy of art, the history of religions, etc., as well as reading classes in Greek and Latin. The program is administered by the Centre for Ancient Philosophy and the Classical Tradition, which for many years conducts graduate seminars in various fields of ancient philosophy and culture. Among the visitors of the Centre were John Dillon (Dublin), Luc Brisson (Paris), Dominic O'Meara (Fribourg), John Rist (Cambridge), Teun Tieleman (Utrecht), Lilian Karali (Athens), Michael Chase (Paris), Leonidas Bargeliotes (Athens), Leonid Zhmud (St Petersburg), Alexandr Podossinov (Moscow) and other internationally recognized scholars and educators.