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Direction: Biology Science
Level: Master's Degree
Subject: Biology Science
Code: 06.06.01
Certificate, degree or qualification:

The Biomedical Data Science program is a multidisciplinary set of courses which is designed to provide a student with the deep understanding of how the collectible medical data connected with the real pathological processes. It allows to do the detailed analysis and reveal the implicit dependencies between the observed and the hidden medical phenomena.

Medical data analysis is a modern and rapidly evolving practice. It’s in high demand worldwide. Medical data scientists are able to perform common analyses of any personal data types. Therefore, successful obtaining a required knowledge in medical data analysis is almost a 100% guarantee that holders of the Master’s Degree in “Biomedical Data Science” can apply highly demanded positions in many countries of the world.

Language of instruction: English
Mode of study: full-time, distance learning
Duration: 2 years
Availability of free education: no
Price: 260 000 RUB

Programme webpage at the university website:

Programme curator: Andrey Shuvaev, Ph.D., Associated Professor at Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology