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Specializations within this programme

  • Computer Simulation in Engineering and Technological Project Development

    Graduates should be ready to solve the following professional tasks:

    • Mathematical simulation of processes and objects using standard packets of computer-assisted project development and research;
    • Analysis and formulation of solutions in specific subject areas;
    • Debugging science-based software;
    • Study of scientific and technological information, domestic and foreign experience in research;
    • Preparation of initial data for the selection and validation of technological and organizational solutions based on economic analysis;
    • Execution of experiments in the prescribed method, description of completed research and analysis of results;
    • Creating a report on a completed task, participating in the implementation of the results of research and development.

    Graduates can work as:

    • Specialists, leading specialists, head engineer, program engineers in management organizations;
    • In design organizations as developers of mathematical and computer models, mathematical programmers;
    • In scientific organizations as researchers, lead engineers, mathematical programmers;
    • In technological organizations as mathematical engineers, mathematical programmers, developer of mathematics and computer models or informational specialists;
    • In industrial management organizations as mathematical programmers and informational specialists;
    • In middle and higher education organizations as professors or assistants in the disciplines of mathematics and information;
    • As system programmers, system administrators, network administrators.