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The purpose of this program is to train graduate students receiving skills of research activity in the field of design, construction and management of renewable energy facilities (hydroelectric power stations, wind farms, solar power plants, power facilities based on renewable energy sources) to the current requirements. The basic concept of the program is implemented by the skills of scientific research in the field of design, construction and use of renewable energy. The training is implemented the principle of polytechnic education in a single multidisciplinary educational space. The distribution of disciplines, teaching practice, the final state certification for individual training cycles and periods of study meets the requirements of logic and relate to learning outcomes: knowledge, skills, acquire competencies in the whole PLO and for its individual structural elements in accordance with the the requirements of paragraphs 6.1-6.6 GEF IN the direction of preparation 06.14.01 "Nuclear, thermal and renewable energy and related technologies." The program content of teaching practice indicates the formation of post-graduate students in pedagogical skills. Specific forms and procedures for ongoing monitoring of progress and intermediate certification, students in each discipline, embodied in workers' training modules.

Graduates of the graduate school will be in demand in organizations related to the conduct of scientific research, design, construction and operation of renewable energy facilities. Graduates can also be easily adapted and demand in organizations for general construction and energy profile