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SAS’s BA program offers the most international undergraduate education in Russia. It proceeds from a liberal arts and sciences philosophy. Accordingly, in addition to providing specialized majors, our program is designed to mobilize interdisciplinary breadth, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills.

What is History at SAS?

Studying History at SAS will give you the opportunity to work with a faculty trained at some of the world’s leading institutions. The professional study of History has been advancing rapidly in recent years, and our historians are all closely involved with the latest methods and debates in the field. But what truly makes History at SAS unique is the faculty’s broad interdisciplinary focus and expertise.

As well as introducing an expansive scope of issues, SAS’s undergraduate curriculum will equip students with a range of analytical skills, methodologies, and theoretical foundations, allowing them to put their historical knowledge into dialogue with all of the other branches of the humanities.

Although SAS’s History faculty has a breadth of expertise, we are particularly strong in: Medieval, Early Modern and Modern European History (including Russia and the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, and Great Britain), American History, the History of Economic Thought, Visual History (including art, photography, and propaganda), Intellectual History, the History of Religion, and the History of Material Culture.

International partnership

Belarusian State University; University of Wolverhampton; Westphalian University of Münster; Osnabruck university, University of Applied Sciences; University of Passau; German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer; Chandigarh University; Public University of Navarra; S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University; Pavlodar State University. S.Toraigyrov; Daugavpils University; Guadalajara University; University of Information Science and Technology 'St. Paul the Apostle,' Ohrid; Moldova State University; Bodo University College; University of Nordland; University of Belgrade; The Russian-Tajik (Slavic) University; University Finis Terrae; University West, Trollhattan; Tallinn University.