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The major is aimed at training professionals who are able to perform professional tasks to ensure the security of the individual, society and the state in the economic sphere; identify internal and external threats to the economic security of Russia and its regions and industries; use the instruments and mechanisms of neutralization and prevention of emerging threats, to protect the economic interests of the public authorities, the budget system of the Russian state and private corporations, banks, investment companies, conducting its operations, both within the country and abroad.

International partnership

Belarusian State University; University of Wolverhampton; Westphalian University of Münster; Osnabruck university, University of Applied Sciences; University of Passau; German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer; Chandigarh University; Public University of Navarra; S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University; Pavlodar State University. S.Toraigyrov; Daugavpils University; Guadalajara University; University of Information Science and Technology 'St. Paul the Apostle,' Ohrid; Moldova State University; Bodo University College; University of Nordland; University of Belgrade; The Russian-Tajik (Slavic) University; University Finis Terrae; University West, Trollhattan; Tallinn University.