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In line with global education trends, Russia’s leading universities offer studying in English. You will be able to study in Russia if you know only the basics of the Russian language or even if you don't know it at all.

How can I find an English-language programme?

To find a programme quickly, use the Study in Russia search service, and select the appropriate parameters (language of instruction – English).

How do I enrol in a programme taught in English?

The terms and conditions of admission to English-language programmes of Russian universities vary. It all depends on the university, the programme and the student’s chosen subject.

Applicants are typically asked to send a document certifying their previous education (a diploma or a certificate), a cover letter, and to confirm their level of English (usually an IELTS or TOEFL certificate). At some institutions you need to submit a CV, a portfolio, references from teachers, and complete an interview in English (by phone or Skype).


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