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Summer Schools

Summer Schools

For those who want to combine studies with leisure.

Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times, goes a Russian proverb. This is especially true with regard to choosing a foreign university. Even a thorough exploration of all the available information often doesn't give one a holistic impression, while a short stay will show if there's a good fit. The easiest way of doing it is to sign up for a summer school.

Summer schools are short certificate-awarding programmes lasting three to eight weeks. Most of these are held in summer, but some courses start in May, while others are available in September.

Summer school subjects vary greatly from Design and Architecture to Anthropology or Software Development. Usually, courses include Russian language summer programs.

There are many specialized Russian Language courses for beginners or advanced students. They will be very handy for high school students planning to study at Russian universities as essential language skills greatly simplify adaptation.

Besides studying, summer schools provide opportunities to:

To select a summer school, use our search service and get in touch with programme coordinators. Enrollment requirements usually include:

  • online questionnaire;
  • CV;
  • and a motivation letter (where you describe your reasons for joining the programme and your fields of scientific interest).

The list of international summer schools 2020 you can find here.

Some summer programs are free of charge. Certain schools are general admission; others will require some specialized skills. You can choose the right short programme here. To apply for a summer school, create a personal account and write to the university from our website.
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