International Students Dormitories

Is there a dormitory for international students at the university? On-campus dorms are available for Russian and international students
Is the dormitory far from academic buildings?

11 campus dorms are a walking distance from educational, sports and scientific buildings.

You can commute around FEFU campus on the free shuttle buses running with short intervals on the close-loop route as they connect the Northern and the Southern parts of the campus. The total length of route is about 6 kilometers.
How many people live in one room? Two students share a room.
Where are the facilities situated (shower, WC)? In every room.
Where is the kitchen situated? Is it equipped with home appliances and utensils Every floor of the each dormitory building has kitchen areas for students' individual cooking with all the required kitchen equipment installed. Besides, the dormitory buildings are equipped with the laundry rooms for students' individual washing.
What does university provide for students when they move in?

Bedding items are given to the students at their check-in. Rooms are cleaned by maintainable personnel every week. 

Room equipment: two single beds, two desks, two chairs, two bookshelves or two floor-standing shelves, a sliding door wardrobe, and a regular wardrobe, two lamps, mini-fridge. 
Is there Wi-Fi at the dormitory? Free Wi-Fi is available in the dorms (up to 100 Mb/sec).
Does the dorm building have additional facilities?

FEFU campus includes the following facilities:

  • Cafeterias, café and restaurants;
  • Gyms, swimming pools and other sport facilities;
  • Grocery stores;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Post office;
  • Banks;
  • ATMs and payment terminals;
  • Laundries;
  • Tailor shop;
  • Hair salons
What is the monthly fee for dormitory? Housing fee is 3,700 rubles per month (double accommodation).