Institute of Oriental Studies – School of Regional and International Studies

Institute of Oriental Studies – School of Regional and International Studies is a center of philological, regional and political studies, educational and cultural cooperation with Asia Pacific countries. It provides high-quality training for future bachelors in 8 majors, implements 6 Master's programs and offers Ph.D. programs as well.

The school's partners include the leading universities and research institutes. The School employs highly trained specialists and world-class scientists, including professors from France, Germany, Spain, USA.

In the modern world learning areas in the field of political science, regional studies, and Oriental languages are in demand, the degree in these majors will give you the opportunity to become one of the most successful people.

School of Arts, Culture and Sports
At the first glance, the majors offered by this school are quite different, however they are deeply interconnected and form the sphere of human life aimed at the harmonious growth of the personality. The School of Arts, Culture and Sport consists of 8 departments. They form four undergraduate and 7 graduate programs of Master level in the field of physical culture, sport, design and culture. The campus of Far Eastern Federal University has all necessary facilities that can enable students to become the real sportsmen. In our school you will be able to open your potential in sports and arts.
School of Biomedicine

The mission of the School of Biomedicine is the improvement of translational medicine, advanced research, use of research results in practice, and training the world-class biomedical professionals. The school operates a modern model "science-education-production".

Today the School of Biomedicine consists of 11 departments forming 5 undergraduate programs, 4 specialties and 7 Master's degree programs.

Students of medicine have a unique opportunity to accompany their educational process with practical training in the ultra modern Medical Center which is part of Far Eastern Federal University.

School of Economics and Management
The School of Economics and Management trains the experts who can take the leading positions in the companies and corporations through their knowledge and skills. These specialists will be always in demand, and they will be able to find a favorite activity. School of Economics and Management is actively developing and expanding cooperation with foreign countries. Students of the School have the opportunity to become the leaders in their field.
School of Education
This is a place for those who want to devote his life to working with children and wants to raise a new generation of future people - free, talented, good. The School of Education is formed of 16 departments. The school is a big close-knit family where the students are given the chance to develop their professional and personal abilities in order to take a worthy place in the modern world after graduation. Here you will be able to shine in science as well as in sports and creativity. The staff of the School of Education will help you in your endeavors, and will do their best to let you remember your student years with pleasure.
School of Engineering

The history of FEFU School of Engineering includes the names of the outstanding scientists- inventors, such as Victor Vologdin, Nikolai Barabanov, Boris Titaev. The students and professors of the school are the participants and winners of the international competitions in robotics, they are also the inventors whose works are interesting for domestic and foreign manufacturers.

The training facilities of the school are supplied with the high-tech equipment, computers, software.

The School of Engineering consists of 24 departments providing 36 majors of a bachelor degree, 11 specialties and 37 Master's degree programs. The School of Engineering is constantly being improved and developed to ensure that graduates will be able to take a worthy place in the modern world.

School of Humanities
The main task of the School of Humanities today is to create a uniform system where the fundamental research is applied in practice for the integration of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region. The school consists of 8 departments. They form 11 undergraduate and 13 Master's degree programs. High qualification and credibility of the teaching staff, opportunities and quality education, friendly and creative atmosphere help the students to acquire new knowledge and skills that the graduates can contribute to the creation of a successful career.
School of Law
In today's world, the aim of education in the field of Law is to create the lawyers having the ability realize themselves in today's society and to achieve the leading positions in the profession. The students of the School of Law have all necessary conditions for successful work. After all, quality education is a key to the successful promotion in their careers. The staff of the School of Law will assist you in becoming a world-class lawyer.
School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences today is the newest research and educational center, combining research and innovation. The majors in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc. are available to study here, and professors and teachers are involved in the serious research projects.

The school consists of 24 departments forming 22 undergraduate programs and specialties, 17 Master's degree programs.

High-level interaction with FEB RAS assists in training of the highly qualified specialists, demanded in Russia and in other countries. Instrumental and technological basis, including chemical, biological and physic laboratories, gives students a chance to realize their potential in science.