Department of Computer Technologies and Control Systems
Department of CT and CS offers educational programs applicable in wide variety of fields dealing with computing, software, mechanics and information security. Key majors are: Information technologies, information security, mechatronicsm automation and control and ets.
Department of Cryogenic Techniques and Air Conditioning
Educational and research activity in this Department  is focused on development of life-maintenance systems  important for civil engineering as well as  naval and air transport. Great attention is also paid to development of new solid condensers as well as usage of magnetic, electric and thermal effects in signetic electrics and ferromagnetism which is very perspective directions of fundamental research. Graduates of the department are highly welcome to get positions of engineers, managers, heads of departments both in Russian and foreign companies specializing in ventilation, conditioning, cold supply and cryogenic Technologies.
Department of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering
The research work is concentrated on biotechnologies for healthy products and resource-saving engineering systems. The main goal is elaboration of biotechnological production and equipment.
The key priority is theoretical and practical basis of biotechnology of polycomponent products for various social and age groups; development of new biologically active elements, microbiological drugs as well as technologies and equipment for processing derived raw materials and new resources.
Department of Infocommunication Technologies
The Department offers a wide variety of educational programs and research projects: optical systems and  telecommunication systems, infocommunication technologies in communication services, infocommunication security, radiocommunication and wireless systems. Master Programs include also geoinformation systems, software in infocommunications, infocommunications in fundamental research and space instrument-making industry.
Department of Laser and Light Engineering
The main priority of academic activity is research of technologies which develop theory of interconnection between laser beaming and bio-tissues as well as creation and implementation of laser  devices and systems for receiving, recording and processing of information about biological and technical objects. The Department collaborates with leading Wolrd universities. Academic exchange of students, professors and researches with universities and research centers of German, Finland, France, England, China and USA and joint research projects  make an  essential part of academic process.
Department of Natural Sciences
The Department specializes in: applied mathematics and information technologies, mathematical modeling, information systems and technologies, information technologies in education. Upon completion graduates are welcome for positions in educational institutions focused on IT, computing device and technologies, graphical design, environmental management. Students get actively involved  into research activity, take part in annual research conferences such as “IT in education”, and publish their proceedings in academic journals. Research  activity concentrates on automation and management of educational process, theory and practice of educational software development, development of computer testing systems, development of technical educational devices and Internet-resources.
Graduates of the department successfully work in Russia, USA, Germany and other countries. Innovation technologies in education is highly demanded area both for professional and academic education allover the world.
Department of Photonics and Optical Information
Photonics claims to take leading positions among innovative spheres of optical methods of data transferring and registration.
Education on the Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information is the way to  successful career in present-day world of high technologies and computer innovations.
Department of Technological Management and Innovations
The Department provides training of highly-qualified managers in the sphere of high technologies and innovations. The specialists get deep knowledge and skills of decision-making important both for research and production. Partners and employers from business companies, governmental and social organizations are involved into study process. Key majors for students are: strategic management, production management, technology transfer, technological entrepreneurship and technology control.
Department of the International Business and Law
The Department provides a variety of programs focused on customs and economics : custom business, custom management, information technologies in custom business.  School of public administration, Chair of Intellectual Property and Innovation Management, Center for Research and Consulting as well as Language Center offers multidisciplinary education highly demanded in custom agencies and organizations dealing with customs such as broker companies, storage facilities, logistic centers, transport companies), federal and regional administration bodies dealing with external economic affairs. Practical Training in custom agencies, governmental bodies as well as largest companies of Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Brussels, Geneva and Toronto make an integral part of academic process.
Information Technologies and Programming Department
The Department offers educational programs as well as research projects in such areas as: programming and development technologies of software; business-processes (management, marketing, economics and law) in spheres of information technologies; corporate information and control systems, global information networks, computer and educational technologies.
Institute of Design and Urban Studies
The programme is targeted at learning new research methods of urban transformations, innovation design and others. The role of design and elaboration facilities is seen as strategic resource in stable practice of companies, communities and etc. The process of education is focused on critical thinking methods while study of urbanized territories regarding to environment, planning, innovation business and etc. Institute holds partnership with international companies as alco educational institutions, business-structure, social and professional societies and urban agencies.
Institute of Translational Medicine
The Institute provides all necessary conditions for successful development of educational activity and research developments in biomedical technologies. Study process is aimed at conducting  fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research, implementation of research and competitive projects as well as international joint programs which are highly important for diagnostics, medical treatment and regular prophylactic and medical attendance of socially important diseases.