Preparatory Department for International Applicants

Preparatory department for Bachelor's programmes

The Preparatory Course for Foreign Citizens of MIPT is resuming its annual work on October 5th. Its participants receive education under the «University preparation Program For Foreigh Citizens».

Through this course, international students obtain key Russian language skills in three types of communication: scientific, formal, and informal. In addition, the Preparatory Course for Foreign Citizens holds extra-curricular events on social and cultural adaptation for international first-year students.

But it is not only the acquaintance with the Russian language that is the area of activity of the Preparatory Course for Foreign Citizens of MIPT. Its participants also acquire the relevant knowledge in key subjects, depending on their major of choice. Teachers from different departments of MIPT introduce core disciplines to international students prior to the completion of the Russian language course.

One may choose between the two specializations:
- Engineering and technology;
- Natural science.

The teaching staff of the course is the teaching staff of the MIPT departments of: higher mathematics, general physics, informatics and computer technology, chemistry and also foreign languages.

For international students, they seek to bring about a learning atmosphere the most propitious, allowing them to undergo the period of adaptation fruitfully.

Preparatory department for Master's programmes

The programme and tuition fee are the same as for the preparatory course for undergraduate students.