Novosibirsk State University

Faculty of Economics

The graduates of the Faculty of Economics NSU are employees of such organizations and companies like World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, large foreign companies; some of the graduates are vice-governors, vice-mayors, general and financial directors, board members, financial analysts and leading specialists of major companies. Six out of the eight official billionaires in Novosibirsk - graduates of the Faculty of Economics.

The personnel recruiters call the graduates of the Faculty of Economics NSU the most desirable target for employers.

In all areas of training at the Faculty, the basic economic preparation is conducted. Mathematical methods in Economics are a separate unit that is being paid special attention. The skills acquired by students of the Faculty help them to orient in any real life situation.


  • Bachelor's degree (Economics, Management, Sociology, Law)
  • a new sub major in 2016 – Business Informatics
  • Master’s programs (Russian-taught and English-taught)
  • PhD
  • Exchange programs with the universities in Germany, France, Holland, Italy, England, Spain and the USA
  • Scholarships and scholarship contests from Ernst&Young, Baker Atlas, OJSC "MDM – BANK" and others.

Entrance exams: 

  • mathematics
  • social studies
  • Russian language
  • history of Russia* (*only for Law-majors)
Faculty of Foreign Languages

Education at the Faculty of Foreign Languages helps each student to learn the culture of different countries. In the course of study, students have the opportunity to go on short-term language courses in the country whose language the student is studying, and successfully pass international exams.


  • Bachelor's degree (Linguistics)
  • Master’s degree
  • Language courses abroad
  • Opportunity to receive scholarships.

Entrance exams: foreign language, Russian language, history

Faculty of Geology and Geophysics

The FGG NSU has a special atmosphere due to cohesion during the field practices, the celebration of Geologists Day, initiations, and medians. You should study here if you intend to work in the lucrative oil and gas industry in the future; or if you are not indifferent to the fields, the mountains and the rocks, dream about cheerful student years and real friends-fellow classmates. Or if you are a real bearded geologist, or not indifferent to the beards.

The graduates-geologists work in science, in large manufacturing companies, in Russia and abroad. Many of them are leading researchers in the largest scientific centers; teach in the universities of the highest level, work in the largest commercial companies: Rosneft, Gazprom, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and others.


  • Physical - Mathematical Specialized School (physicomathematical direction, chemico-biological direction) – 9, 10, 11 grades
  • Bachelor's degree ("Geology")
  • Master's degree;
  • PhD;
  • 6 basic departments, 5 scientific research institutes;
  • the double degrees program with the University of Lille 1 (Lille, France);
  • Master's exchange program with universities in Norway and France;
  • Annual geological practice in the Altai, Baikal, Khakassia, Mongolia, Novosibirsk oblast, Tuva, Kazakhstan and other expeditions;
  • Scholarships by companies: Schlumberger, ExxonMobil, BP, Baker Hughes.

Entrance exams: mathematics, physics, Russian language


Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities combines 4 classic areas: archaeology, history, oriental studies and philology. Graduates of each department have unique specialization: archaeologists can research the mechanisms of human settlement of the globe and visit the most interesting archaeological expeditions; orientalists study the culture of the countries in Africa and Asia; philologists are studying ancient philology, foreign languages, will be fluent in mother tongue; and historians comprehend the regularities of the world historical process that allows a better understanding of the present.


  • Bachelor’s programs: history, fundamental and applied linguistics, philology, oriental studies and African studies
  • Master’s programs
  • PhD
  • Exchange programs with universities in Japan and China 
  • Internships at universities in Germany, France, USA, China, Italy, Korea, Japan.
Faculty of Information Technologies

The curriculum of the Faculty of Information Technologies is designed with the participation of the best experts from Intel, Parallels, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Yandex, Facebook, HP, Samsung, Schlumberger, Autodesk, Baker Atlas, Inteks, SoftLab, LEDAS, Signatek, Tornadoes, UniPro, data East Alecto, etc.

Therefore, graduates of FIT NSU are staff members of the largest international corporations in IT in the world and work in interdisciplinary areas at the intersection of computer science and physics, geology, geophysics, biology, chemistry, economics, banking, business structures, in the field of high-tech industries.

Software companies give students the opportunity to do internships and training with the prospect of employment. The graduates of this Faculty never face the problem of lack of work.


  • Physical - Mathematical Specialized School (physicomathematical direction) – 9, 10, 11 grades
  • Bachelor’s Program – Informatics and Computer Science
  • Master’s Programs (Russian-taught, English-taught)
  • PhD
  • 7 main departments
  • double degrees programs with French universities: ENSTA (Ecole nationale supérieure de techniques avancées) and ENST (Ecole nationale supérieure des télécommunications)
  • internships at:
    • high-tech IT companies in Akademgorodok
    • the joint laboratory NSU – Parallels and NSU – Intel
    • educational and scientific center of technologies Hewlett-Packard
    • the school of data analysis Yandex
    • 5 specialized institutions of the NSC


Faculty of Journalism

FJ NSU provides its students the opportunity to receive one of the most relevant professions. Publishing or radio? TV or photography? During their study, everyone has a chance to try everything and choose the one you like. At FJ students learn to see the unusual behind the obvious, the unique behind the banal, ask themselves and the world around them unexpected questions; and the modern methods of teaching allow them to be real journalists from the first year of education. The study in this Faculty is based on the principles of classical liberal education. A deep dive into the history, literature and philosophy gives future journalists a more complete understanding of social processes.


  • Bachelor's degree (Journalism)
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD
  • Own TV Studio, equipped with modern technology
  • From the first year – practice in the media at regional and national level

Entrance examinations: Russian language, literature, 2-stages-competition (essay and interview).

Faculty of Law

FL NSU – high-quality education and practice in law: from the senior years, students are engaged to work on real trials and research in the joint laboratory of forensic export research at FL – the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, to work with primary sources in archives.


  • Bachelor's degree (Law)
  • Master’s degree
  • PhD
  • Second degree (term of education – 3 years, part-time form)
  • practice at the legal clinic, forensic laboratories, executive bodies, courts, lawyers firms, notaries, investigation committee, prosecutor's office;

Entrance exams: history of Russia, social studies, Russian language

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics (FMM)
Graduates of FMM NSU are in demand in both science and business, working in large companies in Russia and around the world (Intel, Microsoft, Sсhlumberger, Baker Hughes, Hewlett Packart, Sun, SWsoft/Parallels, KPMG, CFT, Alawar, 2GIS, AT Consulting, Rosneft, Gazprom, Novosoft) and innovative companies in Academpark. They are also becoming highly qualified specialists in high-tech sectors, top managers and successful business owners.


The main task is to train mathematicians who are able to conduct research using fundamental mathematical base not only in mathematics but also in other areas of its applications.
The faculty gives students the broadest possible view of mathematical science at the present stage of development. Training programs are continuously being refined and improved. At the beginning of study students are given knowledge about main directions of mathematics and their history.
Physical - Mathematical Specialized School (physicomathematical direction) – 9, 10, 11 grades
Bachelor's Programs:
  • mathematics; 
  • mathematics and computer science;
  • applied mathematics and Informatics; 
  • mechanics and mathematical modeling

Master’s Programs: taught in Russian; taught in English
  • About 20 departments, 10 research Institutes NSC
  • The double degrees program in Applied Mathematics and Energy Strategies with Ecole de Mines Paris, France.
  • Scholarships by Intel, Shclumberger, Hewlett-Packard, Baker Hughes


Faculty of Medicine NSU

Training at the Faculty of Medicine, NSU allows the graduates not only to become a practicing doctor, but also a doctor-researcher. Thanks to ongoing scientific practice on the basis of institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, students of the Faculty of Medicine can get unique competence which enables them to improve existing methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
In 2016, it is expected to open its own Medical Center at NSU.


  • Physical - Mathematical Specialized School (chemico-biological direction) – 9, 10, 11 grades
  • Specialist’s degree ("General Medicine", taught in Russian and English)
  • Center of postgraduate education: internship and residency 
Internships at universities in Germany and USA


  • Basic medicine
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgical diseases
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Clinical biochemistry

Entrance exams: chemistry, biology, Russian language.


Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS)

It is number one at NSU in terms of seniority and demand. The demand for FNS graduates outnumbers the size of its graduate population.

There are two majors at FNS: Chemistry and Biology.

Every year the Faculty accepts more than 150 freshmen and teaches them to think on a grand scale of all humanity.

The graduates of FNS get involved in the following:

  • Inventing new drugs
  • Nanotechnology
  • Looking for new sources of food
  • Learn methods of dealing with diseases
  • Genetic engineering
  • Study of hydrogen energy

It is here that the highest percentage of NSU graduates (80%) goes to graduate school to become scientists.


  • Physical - Mathematical Specialized School (chemico-biological direction) – 9, 10, 11 grades
  • Specialist (Chemistry) and Bachelor's degree (Chemistry / Biology)
  • Master’s programs
  • PhD


  • more than 50 themes of scientific works;
  • over 10 research institutes of Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk
  • scholarship programs and employment at the largest manufacturing and science-intensive enterprises

Entrance exams

Biology: Biology, Mathematics, Russian language.
Chemistry: Chemistry, Mathematics, Russian language.


Faculty of Philosophy

Philosophical education in the 21st century gives us special advantage. Graduates of the PhilF NSU obtain a professional approach to the analysis and forecasting of processes of social development, have extensive knowledge in the humanitarian field, get the opportunity to work in different areas: some of them are professional philosophers – researchers, analysts, advisors, politicians, journalists, teachers and businessmen.

PhilF is the only Philosophical Faculty in Novosibirsk, where we conduct full-fledged bachelor’s and master’s programs in philosophy.


  • Bachelor's degree (Philosophy)
  • Master’s degree

Specialization options:

  • ontology and epistemology
  • logic, philosophy and methodology of science
  • philosophy and methodology of decision-making
  • history of philosophy
  • social philosophy
Faculty of Physics

Novosibirsk State University is one of the best top-100 universities in the world in the field of physics, which means here students get the highest quality education in Russia in physics.

Scientists and teachers of NSU take part in the world's largest collaborations in the field of physics of elementary particles and high energies.
Senior students, graduates and teachers of the Faculty actively participate in research and experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, working in the leading areas of modern science: astrophysics, cosmology, dark matter research, nonlinear photonics, and computer simulation of energy processes

The Faculty of Physics, NSU provides students with high-quality fundamental knowledge, as well as the opportunity to try them in the field of engineering. From the first years of study, the student chooses a specialized department and begins research work in the Institute of SB RAS. In addition, many graduates work in applied research, becoming residents of Academpark.


  • Physical - Mathematical Specialized School (physicomathematical direction) – 9, 10, 11 grades
  • Bachelor’s degree (Physics)
  • 15 basic departments in different areas of physics and research institutes 
  • Master’s programs (conducted in Russian and English),
  • Graduate school (+PhD)
  • Double degree programs with the best French universities: Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole de Mines Paris, École centrale de Lyon.
  • Scholarships by the companies: Baker Atlas, Intel, Schlumberger, Tokyo Boeki, Carl Zeiss, etc.

Entrance examinations: physics, mathematics, Russian language.


Faculty of Psychology

Here the study is interesting. The students will be able to get to know themselves, to learn to understand other people. Students are acquainted with the latest researches of the human mind, behavior, and thinking; they master the methods of influence on group and individual behavior. Here they need to be ready to go beyond conventional ideas about humanity and be prepared to break stereotypes.


  • Bachelor's degree ("Psychology") 
  • Master’s degree
  • Cooperation with western partners: B. F. Skinner Foundation (USA), World Association of Dynamic Psychiatry, German Academy of Psychoanalysis (Germany), Institute of Viktor Frankl (Austria) 
  • Students psychological center
  • Practice at the AVA center: working with children with autism spectrum disorders.

Entrance exams: biology, Russian language, social studies

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