Support of International Students

To assist international students, our departments and colleges have tutors to supervise study and extracurricular activities; study group leaders; students' national communities; and student committees at departments and colleges. International students are assisted in adjusting not only to the university, but also to the megalopolis of Moscow; are taught the study rules and Student's Code of Honor; participate in cultural, leisure, sports, and learning activities arranged by the university; and are assisted in interacting with the university divisions (medical center, resident registration office, International Cultural Center –Interclub, sports center, and more).

National communities help new students arrange their academic and living conditions and conduct national celebrations, exhibitions, and festivals.

The university has the International Student Assistance Center to assist new international students. In each dormitory, there are tutors for extracurricular activities, who assist international students in housing, communication, and living conditions, and teach students the rules of conduct. In addition, each dormitory elects a Student Council which interfaces with the administration on living conditions, protects the interests of students living in the dormitories, and arranges their leisure time.

The university has a Psychology Support Office which consults students either personally or online, including consultations in a foreign language. The Meridian Druzhby (Friendship Meridian) student construction team works all year long and attracts around 250 international students.

Everyday Life of International Students

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia has everything to ensure good living conditions for study and leisure. Our campus is one of the best in Russia, as evidenced by our victories in annual inspection contests among university dormitories. The dormitory area occupies 50 hectares near a park. The infrastructure includes: 20 academic and production buildings, 13 dormitories, a sports center, medical center, recreation and treatment center, the Interclub international culture center, bank offices, shops, and over 20 national restaurants and cafes.


Academic buildings and dormitories are placed near each other, which helps create comfortable living and studying conditions. Our apartment-type dormitories have all the conveniences (TV, Internet, bathroom, and kitchen equipped with electric stove and refrigerator) required for two or three persons. Students can use laundries, dry-cleaners, tailors, and hairdressers. All buildings are equipped with modern fire protection and security systems, including 24/7 video security systems.

Medical Center 

The Medical Center has modern equipment and provides the entire range of medical services for acute and chronic diseases. Upon arrival at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, all international students undergo a medical examination which covers all organs and systems. Students also have annual examinations: consultations with primary care specialists (neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, surgeon, dentist, urologist, or gynecologist), endoscopy, electrocardiogram, and ultrasound tests, external respiration check, and vaccination. If necessary, professors from the university's Medical College who practice in the best hospitals of Moscow are ready to consult our students. Also, after recovering from a disease, a student may rehabilitate at the university's Recreation Center.

Sports Center

In 2011, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia won the All-Russia University Contest and was nominated as a “Healthy Lifestyle University.” Stadiums with grandstands, gyms, sports halls, indoor fields, tennis courts, ski facility, and open-air gymnastics facilities allow students to engage in sports all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Students may choose from 45 sports clubs specializing in 40 kinds of sports: arm wrestling, badminton, basketball, boxing, volleyball, yoga, capoeira, mini soccer, gymnastics, ping pong, rugby, caving, ball dances, step aerobics, tae kwon do, qi qong, chess, and more.

Leisure and Sport Events

The university annually conducts:

  1. Weeks and Festivals of Ethnic Cultures:

    Latin America and Caribbean Basin Countries (February), Middle East and Central Asia (March), Africa (April), and East Asia (December). The program includes ethnic exhibitions, conferences, roundtables, performances, contests, sports competitions, and films.

  2. Student festivals:

    • Moscow Befriended Us Inter-University Student Festival (November).

    • Building Friendship Together Inter-University Student Festival (April and May).

    • Southwestern Planet District Student Festivities (May).

  3. Sports events:

    • Spartakiad of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, 10 sports.

    • Rector's Cup Championships, 4 sports.

    • Regional championships in various sports.

  4. Interclub - International Culture Center of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia:

    Among hobby clubs, students may choose pop songs, folklore, calisthenics, dramatics, Latino, Eastern, or pop dances. There is also Youth Theater or the Friendship Rhythms international group. If you prefer to participate in intellectual games, you might want to attend the 'What? Where? When?' club.

  5. KVN – The Club of the Jolly and the Quick-Witted:

    The team of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is the only team in the KVN International Union that has the full set of medals. The KVN movement began in 1996. Since then, the KVN system has been fully shaped, with its rules and traditions.

Employment of International Graduates

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia partners with potential employers which actively participate in our young professionals' training. By sending our students for traineeship at partner companies, the university helps them strengthen their knowledge and obtain practical skills, while assisting in further recruitment.

We annually enter into new and extend old partnership agreements, including long-term ones, with leading Russian and international companies in various industries. In particular, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia partners with the following globally renowned brands: IBM, Nestlé, PwC, Siemens, The Coca-Cola Company, Nautilus Hyosung, and China National Oil and Gas Corporation. Students may be later recruited by the traineeship company if they have good recommendations on their traineeship. In addition, good reviews from the traineeship curators can be used as recommendations for hiring. You can also arrange your traineeship with companies abroad at the university. For example, our students have been interns with East African General Trading Company (EAGTC) (Bujumbura, Republic of Burundi); Thai Ang (Hanoi, Vietnam), Ratson Construction Company Limited (Ibadan, Nigeria); Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Tanzania); and Connected People GmbH (Munich, Germany). Many of them received job offers.