Lamatsch Horn
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
"Study in Russia will help me to make career in the automotive industry"
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Frank Choolve Chibale
"Every young person can come here and become educated"
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Ulan Manuleka
Republic of South Africa
"Here I met people from over hundred fifty countries"
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Prasun Pokharel
"Russia has the high level of technology, you can learn a lot of new things here"
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Yang Xinyue
"Study in Russia is a golden key to unlock the door to my future "
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Chuqujequ Ejike Sam Festus
"It is important for the teachers that we become experts in our fields"
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Jeonjik Pak
South Korea
"In RUDN large campus, I feel it as a smaller version of our planet"
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Chiara Campalani
"In the future I am going to be a translator from three languages"
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Joshua Orabiyi
"I found friends from different parts of the world"
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Velangi Pratik Srinivas
"I have submitted my university studies in Europe Three times"
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Abdulkder Kais
"I had a very interesting student life"
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Bukuru Jean-Baptiste
"I’ve been not only studying, but also engaged in science and social activities"
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