Student Successes

SPbPU international students consistently achieve professional success. Here are some examples:

  • Abu Hattab Ahmad Hassan (Jordan) – Associate Professor, teacher at SPbPU.
  • Frantisek Svitala (Poland) – President of the Association of St. Petersburg University Alumni.
  • Gu Lo Guang (China) – Rector of Chongqing University
  • Guang Jian (China) – Employee of the Ministry of Nuclear Power, PRC.
  • Rosi Mamai (Chad) – Officer of the Ministry of Economics, Chad.
  • Abdel Latif Abid (Morocco) – Honorary Consul of Russia in Agadir.
  • Seddak Aissa (Algeria) – Professor of the University of Science and Technologies, Oran.
  • Buyanbat Behbat (Mongolia) – Head of the Department of Education, Ulan-Bator City Council.

Famous Graduates

Mikhail Koshkin Renowned Soviet designer of the famous T-34 medium tank
Georgy Flerov Famous Soviet nuclear physicist, specialist in ionizing radiation and one of the fathers of Soviet atomic bomb, a full member of the Soviet Academy of Science. Carried out research in synthesis and study of the transuranium elements.
Peter Kapitza Leading Soviet physicist, engineer and innovator. Nobel laureate for discovery superfluid properties of liquid helium.
Mikhail Frunze Major Red Army commander in the Russian Civil War.
Saparmurat Niyazov President of Turkmenistan (1990–2006).
Mikhail Botvinnik Soviet and Russian chess grandmaster and World Chess Champion.
Sergei Fursenko President of the football club “Zenit”, Saint Petersburg.