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Year of foundation: 1896

Total students: 15 000 / International students: 3 813

Faculties: 10

Faculty: 1 700

Professors185 Associate Professors689 Doctors of Science222 Candidates of Science918 International faculty members117

Main educational programmes for prospective international students: 91

Bachelor's programme30 Master's programme34 Specialist programme6 Training of highest qualification personnel21

Additional educational programmes for prospective international students: 41

Pre-university training programmes 5 Russian as a foreign language 30 Short term courses 5 Other programmes 1

One of the top 10 universities in Russia since 2012 (Expert RA rating), TPU offers students and young scientists:

  • Scholarship programmes,
  • Double degree programmes,
  • Academic exchange programmes,
  • Academic and social support,
  • Short-term research internships,
  • Postdoctoral programmes,
  • Pre-university course,
  • Russian language courses.