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Govind Siddharth Madhav, India

"Tomsk is the student capital of Siberia, students from different countries are study here"

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Hilesha Shaziane Humphreys, Antigua and Barbuda

"I like snow very much, for me it is a real miracle"

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Ida Bagus Ngurah Parthayana, Indonesia

"They provide Russian language preparatory courses, this is important when you are going to study in another country"

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Pham Hoang Dat, Vietnam

"Study in Russia will help me to become a well-qualified programmer"

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Themelis Ioannis, Greece

"There are universities in Tomsk that are ranked high in the international rankings"

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Yiapao Kaiher, Laos

"I always wanted to study in Russia because of it's reputation for high quality education"

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Jack Butler, UK

"I decided that Russian language can grant me excellent opportunities"

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Freya Louise Kamberlidzh , UK

"The university is like a heart of Tomsk, it is very beautiful"

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Shirirn Alikhanova, Kazakhstan

"During study Tomsk has become my second home"

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Nguyen Thi Le, Vietnam

"Life in Russia has knocked the indolence out of me"

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Pooja Sinha, India

"People in Tomsk are very warm and helpful"

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Peter Summers, UK

"In Tomsk lived the best people in the world"

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Li Chan, Vietnam

"At home, I've never been so happy in Russia"

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Karolina Krejci, Czech Republic

"Everyone who’s interested in Russia should visit it"

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Karl Overdick, UK

"Conditions of education in Tomsk are even better than in London"

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