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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals
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Alejandra Ramirez, Columbia

Siberian Federal University

I celebrated the New Year in Russia; it was the best holiday of my life

I am a student at the Preparatory Department of Siberian Federal University, and I am going to apply for a law program in future. Studying the Russian language is not an easy task, we have classes every day for several hours. The hardest thing for me is the cases. But our lecturers and other students help us a lot. I study in a strong group, and everybody is very friendly, we are like a family. I think that if you have come to Russia, then you need to learn Russian. Practice is the most important thing here, so talk more. I do so. I spend my free time meeting and talking to people. This was the first time when I celebrated the New Year in Russia and it was fun, the best holiday in my life. And what is more, I like walking enjoying the splendors of places here. I often have a walk in the hills and admire the beauty of Siberian nature. I like the natural reserve Stolby and the river Mana most of all. I can not describe all the beauty of Siberia and my university, you need to experience it yourself. That is why I invite everyone to come here and see.



Idara Demas Abraham
"I am doing my Master’s degree on biomedical in English"
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Kai Lin
"While living here you can have a taste for both Russia and Europe"
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Jigisha Agarwal
"I was amazed by the modern beautiful campus, a real student town"
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Burentogtokh Bolormaa
"Russia’s expanse and long history are world known, that’s why I am here"
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Joseph Yaw Dawson
"Compared with other countries Russia has affordable tuition fees"
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Giang Dinh
"I believe that studying in Russia is one of the best choices a student can make"
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Azim Uddin
"Many teachers recommended I come to Russia"
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Rachael Rosenberg
"I highly recommend the Russian Language Programme for a solid, authentic introduction to Russia"
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