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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Amantur Amatov, Kyrgyzstan

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

I had a handful of choices, like going to Germany, but I chose Russia

Having a number of college options, among them some in Russia and Germany, I chose to apply to Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University. This city has stolen my heart. The university where I am studying system analyses and control is known to be one of the best technical universities in Russia. My choice of the field of studies was influenced by my parents. I like the university’s facilities and tuition structure. Students enjoy the opportunity to do an exchange year abroad which is an incredible experience. Even though I study technology I was also involved in artistic activities when we listened to live music and tried to analyze it. By the way, there is an interesting fact about the university: when you enter the main building you can hear classical music played. As a guitar player I often take part in student music events which are conceived and staged by ourselves.



Hajar Mastak
"I am going to study medicine in Russia"
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Nguyen Thanh Lam
"I live just two steps away from the university in a modern dormitory"
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Batsaikhan Uugantsetseg
"Going to a Russian university is a family tradition"
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Bakhtiyar Gadzhizade
"Students have medical internship in Russia and other countries"
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Sarafroz Erkinova
"I must consess that's not easy to study here, but it's interesting"
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Adrian Mansanares Garsia
"In Russia I've gained good experience and had great summer time"
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Banerjee Soumen
"Any experience I can get in Russia is valuable for me"
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Awais Qadir
"I could study in Germany but I chose Russia"
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