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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Botir Begimkulov, Uzbekistan

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Students’ life at the university is very eventful

My name is Botir and I’m from Uzbekistan. I’m currently studying at IKBFU and I really enjoy it. What I like most about IKBFU is its unusual approach to teaching. University campuses are located in different parts of the city. So perhaps you will study in a super modern building, or maybe in the old building of a former German university. You will have the chance to see and feel a variety of cultural and natural sights not only in Kaliningrad, but in the whole region. Students’ life at IKBFU is also very eventful: you can join social clubs, such as the Student’s Union, Volunteering centre or Sports club. So you can find exactly what you want.



Seyed Nima Tayarani Bathaie
"There are a lot of outstanding museums here, but most of all I love the local nature"
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Ruth Perry
"I like the weather – in Zambia it's always hot, but here it's good"
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Wang Jiaqi
"The lecturers are much fairly patient, they vividly explain everything"
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Andre Pavira
"The university has a chic campus on the beach"
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Adisa Saheed Bayonle
"After two years of life in Moscow, I feel myself Russian"
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Julio Cesar Bustamante
"I was able to find a lot of new friends and improve my Russian language"
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Daniel Thomas
"It's important to be in Russia to research it than viewing the country from afar"
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Viktorija Adelova-Bogdāne
"In Russia I feel comfortable and relaxed"
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