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International Students Testimonials

Advantages of studying in Russia for foreign nationals

Dong Zhenwei, China

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

There is no time to be bored in Tomsk

I chose TPU because it is a well-known university in my country. Many of my friends advised me to enter TPU because there are experienced teachers and very good engineering education.

I like that we often participate in various events where I can meet students from different countries and from Russia as well. It's great because it helps me to improve my Russian. And there are many clubs where students can develop their talents and find interesting hobbies.

I am fond of playing tennis, watching movies, and going for a walk with my friends in the parks. I often go to the cinema, theatre, museums, and cafes. In winter I like skating; in summer I often take roller skates or bicycle. Frankly speaking, there is no time to be bored!



Seyed Nima Tayarani Bathaie
"There are a lot of outstanding museums here, but most of all I love the local nature"
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Ruth Perry
"I like the weather – in Zambia it's always hot, but here it's good"
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Wang Jiaqi
"The lecturers are much fairly patient, they vividly explain everything"
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Andre Pavira
"The university has a chic campus on the beach"
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Adisa Saheed Bayonle
"After two years of life in Moscow, I feel myself Russian"
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Julio Cesar Bustamante
"I was able to find a lot of new friends and improve my Russian language"
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Daniel Thomas
"It's important to be in Russia to research it than viewing the country from afar"
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Viktorija Adelova-Bogdāne
"In Russia I feel comfortable and relaxed"
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