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Edoardo Alberti , Italy

National Research University – Higher School of Economics

I think everyone at least once in a lifetime should try to live in Russia

My name is Edoardo Alberti and I come from Italy. I am a first year master student at the Higher School of Economics Strategic Corporate Finance programme. First I visited HSE 2 years ago as an exchange student. Then I passed the GRE test and decided to apply to the Master’s programme to specialize in Strategic Corporate Finance. I like the programme because it effectively combines quantitative and qualitative skills what makes you successful in the job market in Russia and more broadly, in international sphere.

While the programme is taught in English, I can suggest you to refresh your Russian skill before coming here since if you want to be part of the society and interact with Russian people, you have to know a little bit of the language to understand what they are talking about.

Moscow is one of the best parts of my experience. It would sound cliché to you but it’s a very chaotic and dynamic town. It’s a good environment for your development. Is always challenges you and I think that’s everyone at least once in a lifetime should try to live in Russia for a while.



Carlos Beymunt

" It’s not hard to adapt in Russia especially if you have a good company"

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Ke Haishan

"This programme is created under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

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Gabriel Jimenez

"It is not easy to study here, but you will get a high-quality education"

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Martina Arabadzhieva

"I hold Russian culture and architecture close to my heart"

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Rodrigo Sanchez

"You can walk from the university to the city center "

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Jigisha Agarwal

"I was amazed by the modern beautiful campus, a real student town"

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Wan Tzu Yi
HSE University

"Learning Russian helps to understand better Russian culture and mentality"

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Linn-Kazee Bezuidenhout

"I attend lectures in English and I am also studying Russian"

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